Perth Prostaff Wanted

Dream Kayaks is looking to recruit ONE more member to their Prostaff team. This person must live in WA, preferably in Perth.

Deadline for applications is midnight Sunday 18 October 2015. No exceptions.

What is Dream Kayaks Looking For?

The ideal candidate is someone who fishes heaps, and wants to be part of an Australia-wide team of crazy angling fanatics. The ideal candidate is an expert angler, loves taking videos and photos, and has already got a big facebook and / or instagram page with thousands of followers. It helps if you already have a Dream Kayak craft, but if not you should still apply.

What Do You Get Out Of It?

Everyone is interested for different reasons but usually it’s one or more of these:

  • You want to be part of an expert yak fishing team – knowledge, friends, lifestyle!
  • You want to collaborate with Dream Kayaks to get massive exposure for your social media page
  • You are looking for a career in the fishing or kayaking industry and want exposure
  • You want to gain hands-on experience in social media marketing

Everybody loves free gear, but if that’s all you’re after – don’t apply! We’re not a charity.

How Does It Work?

  1. You Apply. Simply fill in the form below. Then Post NO MORE THAN 3 of your best fishing or kayaking photos or videos in the Perth Prostaff post on the Dream Kayaks facebook page.
  2. Dream accept or decline (Only one space available). You will need to sign a legal agreement.
  3. You go fishing! (Take your camera!)
  4. You send us your content (pics and videos, articles, etc)
  5. We collaborate to get mutual exposure and you get some free gear.

It’s that simple.

No free-riders will be admitted.


Great Fishing Kayaks. Amazing Prices. DREAM KAYAKS .

Dream Catcher 4 Fishing Kayak


Things to Consider Before Applying

  • Most applicants will have to put in about 2 months of solid fishing and quality photography before they get any freebies from Dream Kayaks.
  • In some cases where the applicant shows exceptional ability to create buzz and provide instant exposure Dream may provide a kayak or other gear upfront.
  • Only amazing quality content will be accepted. Content that is just ‘good’ will be rejected.
  • Dream Kayaks reserves the right to reject content sent through by prostaff if Dream Kayaks don’t need content at the time.
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Only experienced fishos will be considered.
  • Fishing sponsorship is hard to get. Make your application sound good!

Application Form

Fields marked with an * are required

Please ONLY apply if you can say yes to all of these 5 points.

Jut tick the boxes that apply to you.

Remember - we are looking for:
- Experience
- Social media exposure
- Ability to take amazing photos
- Ability to write quality articles

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